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School of Law

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Socially responsible graduates

We produce graduates who are skilled and knowledgeable workers capable of exercising important ethical, legal and social responsibilities.

Each student is encouraged to volunteer through a range of schemes, join or start a society, take courses beyond their degree programme through University College, get involved as a sustainability rep, become a peer mentor or even run for election.

Ibrahim's story

Syrian graduate Ibrahim Olabi founded an organisation to help his war-torn country while studying Law at The University of Manchester. He tells us about how his time at Manchester helped him develop the knowledge and networks necessary to supply training and legal advice to those in need.

Our curriculum

Students with the School of Law can choose from a wide selection of course units that are designed to equip them for future challenges and the world of work.

Undergraduate course units

Course units available for undergraduate students include:

  • Crime and society
  • Criminology and criminal justice in action
  • Cultural diversity in global perspective
  • Explaining crime and deviance
  • Forced migration
  • From imprisonment to rehabilitation
  • Global migration
  • Human rights
  • Miscarriages of justice
  • Modelling social inequality
  • Patterns of social inequalities
  • Racism and ethnicity in the UK
  • Sustainability, consumption and global responsibilities
  • The politics of development
  • Unequal societies - health, wellbeing and happiness
  • Values we live by
  • Victims, crime and justice
  • Youth justice and juvenile delinquency

Postgraduate taught units

Postgraduate taught master’s include components on:

  • Global health, law and bioethics 
  • International issues in healthcare ethics and law
  • Medico-legal problems 
  • Mental health law and policy
  • Philosophical bioethics

Award winning teaching

In 2015 our lecturers, Drs Neil Cobb, Jo Deakin, Claire Fox and Gary Lynch-Wood, were awarded for their work creating innovative elements within the subjects they teach to ensure their students graduate with a greater appreciation of social responsibility in their future careers.

Student societies

Legal Advice Centre Society

Following interest from student volunteers at the Legal Advice Centre, this student society was formed to promote the centre, arrange community outreach programmes eg in schools and develop a translation service for clients.

Streetlaw Society

The Manchester University Streetlaw Society is organised for first year students by second years who conduct “Streetlaw” presentations. These aim to provide information on legal rights to community groups (who do not have access to such information).

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