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School of Law


Each year, the School of Law opens applications for Teaching Assistants (TAs).

Teaching Assistant opportunities 2019-20 in semester 1 & 2

School of Law, The University of Manchester

Applications are invited for Teaching Assistants to assist in delivering the School of Law curricula for academic year 2019-20 for semester 1 and 2.  Successful applicants will be placed on the School of Law's approved Teaching Assistant roster for 2019/20.  This does not guarantee that teaching hours will be allocated in any given year.

The School of Law’s Teaching Assistants act mainly as undergraduate seminar leaders, delivering quality face-to-face education to undergraduate students in small group seminars (not normally exceeding 12 students). Seminars are intended to facilitate student learning through discussion in small groups.

The University of Manchester’s School of Law is composed of three broad teaching and research disciplines – law, criminology, and social ethics & policy.

For 2019-2020, the School of Law is looking to appoint Teaching Assistants in the following subject areas:

Undergraduate “Law” course units:

  • LAWS10100 Public Law
  • LAWS10200 Obligations I
  • LAWS20400 Obligations II
  • LAWS11010 Property Law I
  • LAWS20220 Property Law II
  • LAWS20900 EU Law
  • LAWS30121 Company Law

 Undergraduate “Criminology” course units:

  • LAWS10001 Crime and Society
  • LAWS10421 Foundations of Criminal Justice
  • LAWS20051 Policing and the Police
  • LAWS20441 Making Sense of Criminological Data
  • LAWS20452 Modelling Criminological Data
  • LAWS30601 Drugs and Society

Below are the 2019/20 Teaching Assistant job description and application form:

Please send completed application forms to Heather Richards (TA PS Coordinator) at by 5th April 2019. Please direct any queries regarding Teaching Assistants to


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