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School of Law

Visiting scholars

The Visiting Scholar programme is intended to facilitate the pursuit of research, with some academic support, on a similar basis to that experienced by research students. It does not lead to any qualification.


Normally a minimum of one semester full-time, and a maximum of one year full-time. The exact duration of the period spent in Manchester would reflect the candidate's particular interests.

Entry requirements

There are no formal requirements, but generally candidates would fall under one of the following categories:

  • College/university teachers in law and related disciplines
  • Recent post-doctoral candidates
  • Those with outstanding qualifications
  • Others who have a specific reason for needing to use the facilities of the School

Tuition fees and registration status

Tuition fees are payable by Visiting Scholars, who have the same conditions as other registered students (eg access to library and computer facilities). The fees are the same as those for MPhil students (see current University tuition fees information). 

The registration status is described by the University as "registered for research not leading to a degree".

Those who are registered for just one semester will be charged tuition fees on a pro-rata basis.


The Visiting Scholar programme is for personal research, and does not lead to a degree or any other qualification.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted through the same process as those making an application for research degrees. The application form should be accompanied by a statement setting out the duration and objectives of the visit, along with a CV.