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School of Law

Fees and funding

Find out about study costs on our courses and the funding opportunities and financial support available to you.


Fees not only cover the cost of your tuition at the University but also registration costs, examinations and graduation. Payment of fees will also entitle you to membership of the Library, the Students' Union and the Athletic Union.

You can find details of fees and funding for each course on the relevant course information page.

You can also find out more about fees based on your level of study:

Study abroad fees

Please note that students on a period of compulsory residence abroad are in some cases required to pay a reduced tuition fee.

Cost of living

The main University site has a guide to the cost of living in Manchester.



You may be entitled to a University bursary or scholarship to support you through your studies as well as any student loan to cover fees and maintenance.

There is different student funding and financial support depending on your level of study: