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School of Law


The current projects our regulation and social justice staff are undertaking.

The transatlantic procurement relationship

Funder: British Academy

Principal Investigator: Dr Eleanor Aspey

Autonomy, rights and children with special needs: a new paradigm?

Funder: University of Edinburgh

Principal investigator: Prof Neville Harris

Regulating reputations

Funder: SIRF

Principal Investigator: Sarah Devaney

Co-Investigators: David Williamson; Cecilia Flores Elizondo

Project aim: Regulators tend to engage in a variety of activities to encourage regulatees to comply with applicable regulatory frameworks, or to punish non-compliance. In a number of sectors, including finance and health and safety, such activities include taking action to harm the regulatee’s reputation (or threatening such harm). Significant gaps exist however in our knowledge about this regulatory approach including, for example, which regulators use it and how (and which regulators could resort to it but do not); which regulatees respond to it and why; and in what circumstances it is effective and why. Drawing on a variety of qualitative methods, it is such questions which this project addresses with the intention of enabling regulators to take action affecting reputations in a way which maintains their own reputation as knowledgeable, effective and proportionate.

Using Bayesian surprise maps to explore debt and insolvency across the UK

Funder: E.S.R.C.

Principal investigator: Dr Aleksandra Jordanoska

Immigration Judicial Reviews

Funder: The Nuffield Foundation

Principal investigator: Prof Robert Thomas