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School of Law


The current projects our private and commercial law staff are undertaking.

The rise of the dual labour market: Fighting precarious employment in the new member states through industrial relations

Funder: European Commission

Co-ordinating Team: Aristea Koukiadaki (University of Manchester), Aurora Trif (Dublin City University) and Marta Kahancová (Central European Labour Studies Institute)

Co-investigators: Alf Vanags and Marija Krumina (Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies), Hrvoje Butkovic and Višnja Samardžija (Institute for Development and International Relations), Boguslavas Gruzevskis and Inga Blažiene (Lithuanian Social Research Centre), Miroslav Stanojevic (University of Ljubljana), Adam Mrozowicki and Malgorzata Maciejewska (University of Wrocław)

Project aim: Precarious work has increased dramatically in the recent years. Despite this, little evidence is available on the strategies of the social partners to address the rise of the dual labour market. To fill this gap, this project explores how the strategies of employers and trade unions across 10 EU member states represent the interest of non-standard and vulnerable groups in precarious employment; and how the needs of these groups are addressed in the process of collective bargaining and other initiatives undertaken by the social partners.