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School of Law

The Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics - Volume 6

The sixth Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics was published in October 2017.

Table of contents

  1. Mass sexual violence in Darfur: An analysis of macro-, meso-, and micro-level variables – Amy Cross…8
  2. Opting out of the CISG: is the law too complicated for such a popular choice? – Océane Girard…23
  3. Class action (not US-style): enhancing access to justice – Shinthean Ng…49
  4. Dworkin’s Hercules as a model for judges – Arvindh Rai…58
  5. Pregnant women may have moral obligations to foetuses they have chosen to carry to term, but the law should never intervene in a woman’s choices during pregnancy – Elizabeth Chloe Romanis…69
  6. Should the law recognise rights in all humans and only in humans? – Aneela Samrai…86
  7. An exploration into the factors shaping victim reporting of partner abuse to the police – Victoria Smith…95
  8. The regulation of the civilian and military realms of cyberspace – Jake Taylor…121 
  9. A critical assessment of the separability doctrine, its impact and application – Fiona Winnifred Lakareber…148