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School of Law

The Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics - Volume 5

The fifth Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics was published in October 2016.

Table of contents

  1. An analysis of a democratised House of Lords: The cost of wisdom - Liam Reynolds...10
  2. Article 8 and the evolution of healthcare law - Maya Kotob...17
  3. The role of legitimate expectations in establishing a jurisprudence constante in international investment law - Dumitru Filip...28
  4. The principle of freedom of contract: Are the courts too interventionist? - Scott Salisbury...58
  5. Should isolated human genes be patentable subject matter? - Wing Yin Chan...64
  6. An evaluation of the likely consequences of prohibiting the sale, distribution and possession of tobacco in Britain - Natasha Walker...94
  7. A critical evaluation of the effectiveness of administrative tribunals - Reni Oluwadare...111
  8. Rawls’ ‘justice as fairness’: should we run a state by it? - Annabelle Potanah...120
  9. The law and ethics behind ‘three parent babies’ - Elyssa Liu Jiawen...129
  10. ‘Techtopus’: A critical analysis of the Silicon Valley wage-fixing scandal - Nicolette Lee...160
  11. A framework for understanding the burden of proof - Joe Tomlinson...179
  12. Negotiating or gain based remedies in contract – account of profits, Wrotham Park and its progeny - Lesley Anderson QC...185