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School of Law

The Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics - Volume 4

The fourth Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics was published in October 2015.

Table of contents

  1. Critically Analyse Whether the Existence of an Established Church is Compatible with a Modern Democracy in the 21st Century - Dominika Belesova …1
  2. Deconstructing the Devolution Process in Northern Ireland: One Small Step Towards Uncertainty - Anna Chestnut …14
  3. The Restraint of War is the Beginning of Peace - Faisal Al-Brumy … 29
  4. Coercion, Risk and Defensive Practice in Mental Health - Jonathan Fisk …40
  5. Between the Pillars of Liberalism and Capitalism: A Comparison of Theories of Exploitation - James Gale…61
  6. A Critical Evaluation of Radical Feminism’s Approach to Trans* People and Their Rights - Hannah Farrington … 74
  7. Emissions Trading is Undoubtedly a Powerful Regulatory Tool that has the Potential to Help Achieve Dramatic Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions. But the European Emissions Trading Scheme is, Quite Simply, Unfit for Purpose - Ammar Lulla … 87
  8. Is the Moral Approach of the West to Chemical Weapons Justified, or Morally Inconsistent? - Liam Whitfield …102
  9. The United Kingdom: Should We Move Towards a Republic? - Kerry Corrigan … 113
  10. International Law and the First World War - Charles Garraway … 125
  11. Criminal Legal Aid in the Balance - Franklin Sinclair… 137
  12. Yam Seng v International Trade Corporation – An Interim Report on the Implied Duty of Good Faith - Elizabeth Robertson… 143
  13. Bananas and the European Commission: A Comment on Case C-286/13 P Dole Food Company Inc., and Dole Fresh Fruit Europe v European Commission - Sonam Cheema … 148