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School of Law

The Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics - Volume 3

The third Manchester Review of Law, Crime and Ethics was published in October 2014.

Table of contents

  1. Britain’s Pursuit of a Codified Constitution - Arvindh Rai…. 1
  2. The ‘Constitutional Straightjacket’ and Inadequate Rights-Protection: A Proposal for Limited Judicial Empowerment in the Human Rights Act - Dalton Hale… 10
  3. Additional Member System: The Forgotten Alternative Vote - Philine Scheer… 23
  4. The Nature of the State - Xian Liang Yuen… 34
  5. Best Interests Cannot be Divorced From Family Faith - Stephanie Murphy… 44
  6. Different Categories of Employment Status: An Opportunity for Employers to Cut Costs or Another Hurdle to Overcome - Sophie Cooke… 55
  7. The CESL Proposal: Progress or Misstep? - Sam Wardleworth… 67
  8. Incoherence and Policy in the Law of Causation: A Cause for Concern? - Alex Sprake… 79
  9. Gender, Crime and Criminology - Chris Clarke… 88
  10. A Comparative Analysis of the RNR Based Sex Offender Treatment Programmes - Jessica Capello Mathews… 101
  11. A Critique of Enlightened Shareholders Value: Revisiting the Shareholders’ Primacy Theory - Collins C.Ajibo… 115
  12. Football Must Play By the Same Rules as Everyone Else - A Comment on Berg v Blackburn Rovers Football Club & Athletics PLC - Philip Ebsworth
  13. Power v Greater Manchester Police Authority - Amin Al-Astewani…144
  14. The Queen and the Constitution (And Me) - Rodney Brazier… 150