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School of Law

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Research with impact

Our research makes a difference not just to other scholars and researchers but also to those involved in policy, advocacy and practice, as we contribute to global conversations about justice and rights.

Our work shapes policy-making and practice in diverse areas, from national healthcare guidelines, to influencing police procedures in countries such as Norway, Australia and Brazil.

Past projects have sought to address fair and effective systems for police complaints, develop guidance on the care of extremely premature and sick new-borns and mediation for special needs education disputes.

Current projects address the issues of domestic violence, discrimination, border control and the use of human organs and tissues, and continue to make an impact on today’s biggest social and legal debates.


In 2015-16 a competition is planned to encourage staff across the School to collaboratively engage in social responsibility projects that enhance Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience (TLSE) as well as research activities, in order to develop the profile and reputation of the School.

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