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School of Law

Academic visitors and research collaborators

We welcome and value visitors and recognise the important role they can play in the creation and maintenance of a thriving research culture and community.

All candidates interested in visiting the School as an academic visitor or research collaborator must in the first instance identify an academic(s) within the School who will sponsor their application:

The applications process will comprise: a completed application form, an up-to-date CV, two academic references, a supporting statement, a clear statement of financial support for the visiting research fellowship and a supporting statement from connected colleagues within the School of Law. The academic member(s) of staff sponsoring your application will submit your application to the School.

All successful applicants will (subject to negotiation on a case by case basis) receive desk space, computing facilities, access to library and other university facilities, and will be able to claim official temporary affiliation with the School.

The School reserves the right to charge appropriate bench fees to cover the cost of these above facilities, though a case can be made for waiver.

Subject to individual negotiation, all successful applicants will be actively integrated into the School of Law. This will include certain activities and at least one of the following: the presentation of a research paper; active involvement in teaching of a related research interest; participation in the activities of one or more of the Schools research groups or centres and the development of mutual research links between the School and the applicant’s institution.

All successful applicants will be asked to produce a brief end of visit report which outlines the period of research and links made between the applicant and the host department.

Visa information

Academic visitors need to apply via the standard visitor visa:

Tuberculosis (TB) pre-screening

Please see the UK government website for further details of which countries where you need a TB test before entering the UK: