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Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice

Violence and the aftermath of violence

The projects concerning violence our researchers are currently engaged with.

Corpses of mass violence and genocide

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council

Principal Investigator: Professor Jean-Marc Dreyfus et al

School of Law project member: Jon Shute

Project aim: This four-year, interdisciplinary and multi-site project seeks to understand the uses and meaning of the dead body in varied contexts of mass violence, and follows the trajectory of the corpse through three stages: destruction, identification, and commemoration. Its study missions include Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Spain. The programme is led by Professors Elisabeth Anstett (CNRS, Paris) and Jean-Marc Dreyfus (University of Manchester); Jon Shute is a Co-Investigator with interests in the body's place in a penology of state violence and the application of moral neutralisation theory to manifestations of denial and deniability.

The programme website can be found via the link below:

Mapping the contours of human trafficking

Funder: N8 Policing Partnership

Principal Investigators: David Gadd and Rose Broad

Project aim: The main aim of the collaboration is to establish a profile of human trafficking incidents and offences known to GMP since the implementation of the Modern Slavery Coordination Unit (MSCU) in March 2015. Greater Manchester Police has been collating a database of such incidents and offences since this time. The database includes details of over 250 cases, including those that were reported to the National Referral Mechanism, and those that were reported to or detected by the police. Through an analysis of the complete dataset the project will produce a problem profile that will capture the characteristics of the suspected offenders and victims, including but not limited to age, gender, ethnicity and nationality.

Understanding and improving risk assessment on domestic abuse cases

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council

Principal Investigator: Juanjo Medina

Co-investigator: Caroline Miles

Project aim: This is an interdisciplinary research project led by The University of Manchester in collaboration with the Victoria University of Wellington and Chester University. The project aims to test statistical learning techniques to improve the accuracy of the predictions regarding risk classification by criminal justice actors, particularly police. Our ultimate goal is to develop a tested predictive model for domestic violence that could be piloted at a later stage. In doing so, it also aims to develop and engage in ethical and legal debates about the use of predictive modelling the context of policing.

Early identification of honour-based abuse

Funder: N8 Policing Partnership

Principal Investigator: Dr Claire Fox

Co-Investigator: Dr Caroline Miles

School of Law project member: Dr Becki Kaur

School of Arts, Languages and Cultures project member: Dr Rebecca Tipton

Project aim: The aim of this project in collaboration with West Yorkshire Police is to explore the factors that assist or hinder early and effective identification of honour-based abuse (HBA). HBA is known to be underreported and under-recorded with the Association of Chief Police Officers reporting in 2008 that there are more than 12 honour killings in the UK every year, while data collected over four years from 39 police forces indicates there were 11,744 incidences of HBA, with many more believed to be going unreported. ‘Early identification of honour-based abuse’ uses different research methods to locate factors that both enable and inhibit the early identification of HBA.