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School of Law

School of Law alumni

Our alumni are the most important measure of our success. Hear why you're in good hands.

Some of our alumni tell us how they feel the School of Law has prepared them for life after their studies.

John O'Malley

I realised at the end of the course how much it had given me clarity of thought.

It gave me more information on how to give advice to my fellow clinicians and broadened my activities.

John O'Malley, MA Healthcare Ethics and Law / Medical Director
Rose Broad

I found the School a dynamic, supportive and challenging environment in which to study. 

I enjoyed engaging in my work and the work of others, finding out about other projects, and discussing the direction and impact of research in various areas of criminology.

Rose Broad, PhD Criminology / Lecturer in Criminology
Mike Kniec

The School of Law has provided me with the building blocks to succeed in any area that I put my mind to.

It wasn’t merely a programme but a chance to change my life in a positive and rewarding way.

Mike Kneic, LLB (Hons) Law and MPhil Law / Social Media Executive