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School of Law

Our experts in the media - June 2016

13 June 2016

The latest media appearances from the School of Law's experts.

Our academic staff activity engage with the media to share their knowledge with the wider world. Below are the latest appearances from some of our experts.

Dr Geoff Pearson

Geoff spoke to The Times on June 9 about policing football hooliganism, as England fans departed for Marseille for Euro 2016, classing "England-Russia as the highest risk possible" because of the two nations involved, the venue and the hardline methods of French police. "They only know one way of policing, and we have seen it not just with football fans but marches, protests, riots," he said. "They arrive late after disorder and go in with overwhelming force."

He then appeared on the Today Program, BBC Radio four, as well as BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel and BBC Radio Five and the Daily Telegraph following the clashes between Russian and English fans in France.

Dr Iain Brassington

Iain talked to BBC World Service’s Newshour about the ethical and moral issues surrounding the news that a combination of stem cell and gene editing technology may soon enable scientists to grow human organs in pigs.

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