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School of Law

Religion, Law and the Constitution: Balancing Beliefs in Britain

5 September 2017

Dr Javier Garcia Oliva, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law, is launching a website associated with a project which he has undertaken with Dr Helen Hall at Nottingham Trent University.

The work explores the way in which the Constitution and the wider legal framework interact with religion and belief.  The webpage is the accompaniment to a book, ‘Religion, Law and the Constitution: Balancing Beliefs in Britain’, published by Routledge in August 2017.  The volume is aimed mainly at an academic legal audience, but it is also intended to be accessible to non-law specialists.  However, the website is specifically geared towards a wider audience. 

One important facet of the internet element is to share a treasure-trove of interview material which could not be squeezed into the printed volume.  Javier García Oliva and Helen Hall spoke to more than 100 individuals, from a huge range of professional, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as well as across the spectrum of views on faith.  Each interviewee gave their personal responses to the challenges in which issues of religion, law and politics raise for our current society.  Insights from politicians, dancers, judges, physicists, and footballers all come together in a unique collection which is well worth exploring. 

The authors will also be building up further resources over the coming weeks, as they encourage others to take a closer look at these vital questions, and ponder what their personal answers to our collective dilemmas might be.



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