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School of Law

School of Law hosts police accountability symposium

25 January 2017

Our work brings together representatives from across sectors to discuss more effective ways of improving police accountability.

Police accountability symposium, Manchester January 2017

The problem of how to deal with police abuse of power is not new. But recent cases of fatal shootings in the United States, the UK and elsewhere have sharpened the sense of urgency to find more effective ways of making the police genuinely accountable.

On Monday 23 January 2017, the School of Law convened an international symposium in Manchester to address these issues. The keynote paper was given by Professor Craig Futterman of the University of Chicago, an internationally recognised expert on civil liberties and police accountability.

Alongside other leading academics and lawyers, participants in the symposium also included representatives from INQUEST, Amnesty International, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Stopwatch and Greater Manchester Police. It is intended that the symposium will lead to the establishment of an international police accountability forum.

For further information about our work on police accountability, please contact Dr Graham Smith.

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