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School of Law

New research report on Clinical Legal Education

12 October 2016

Published today is a new research report on Clinical Legal Education and Experiential Learning which was commissioned and funded by the School of Law.

The report reviews the global state-of-the-art in engaging law students directly with ‘law in practice’ as a method for deepening their learning and developing a range of skills. At Manchester, we have done this for many years in our award-winning Legal Advice Centre, established by Dinah Crystal OBE some 15 years ago.

The report argues for an expansion of Clinical Legal Education (CLE) within law schools, suggesting that there are a range of innovative possibilities for its future development which may lead to new ways of delivering on the CLE trinity: enhancing student learning; increasing graduate employability; and improving access to justice. The balance between the goals of student education and social justice is identified as an important strategic consideration within CLE provision.

We hope the report will contribute to the ongoing debates about the teaching of law and experiential learning in law schools.

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