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Attorney General Jeremy Wright praises work of Legal Advice Centre

4 October 2016

Jeremy Wright QC MP released a statement with reference to the Centre's Dementia Law Clinic, expressing his high regard for those committed to providing pro bono legal assistance.

Read the full statement released by the Attorney General's Office:

“Many lawyers who undertake pro bono work see it as their chance to give back to the community. I have a very high regard for the selflessness of those who provide support to people who are in particular need of legal advice and assistance but cannot afford it.

“It is impressive to see the innovative projects Manchester Legal Advice Centre have developed to increase the provision of free legal advice in their community.  The standard of the Dementia Law Clinic demonstrates a true commitment to increasing access to justice to those in need.

“They have illustrated the power of technology in connecting with those who cannot attend a traditional clinic.  Their efforts certainly highlight the creativity and resourcefulness of the UK’s aspiring lawyers.”

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